MAN Tractor

We have 3 Brand new MAN prime movers in the fleet with some pretty impressive features which are listed below. One of the features is a GPS tracking device fitted on board, which can give the hirer/driver the following benefits:

  • Fatigue management
  • Detailed driver behavior
  • Accident support
  • Fuel economy
  • Accurate invoice information (Time taken, KM traveled etc)
  • Real time driver visibility (Know where your truck is at all times!)
  • Speed check


: HR (If Bobtail)
: Auto
90 Tonne Rated
3.5″ or 2″ Ballrace turntable
Fire Extinguisher
Air bag suspension
18 Speed Auto Gearbox
Media Player
Double Hydraulics
XL or XLX cab (Optional)
*NEW* Satellite navigation
*NEW* GPS tracking and data collection
*NEW* Anderson battery jump point
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